Chaviva Braun, Ginot Shomron

What a privilege and a pleasure to participate in this inspiring and uplifting project, as a member of the audience! …I identified with the content on several levels, and couldn’t keep my eyes dry throughout the show! Thank you for all your efforts! It’s certainly well worth it! Big Thumbs Up from this admirerer!! Well Done!!! May HaShem give you the strength to keep raising the spirits of the women of Israel and may we all be zochot to merit in witnessing the Ultimate Production. ..the revelation and anointing of Melech HaMashiach!

Leah Zeiger

the show was fabulous… I know first-hand what a great opportunity this provides for frum women to shine on the stage (and behind the scenes). I look forward to attending many more of your wonderful shows. It’s nice to sit in an audience and watch the marvelous work of such gifted and creative women.

ברכה שפלר

איזו הפקה מרגשת!!!! אין עליכן!!!


Paula R. Stern

The play was beyond amazing (as expected). If anyone hasn’t gone to see Raise Your Spirits’ Esther play – only two performances left in Alon Shvut …get tickets and go…it is amazing!!!!! Sharon Dobuler Katz is Haman – wonderful!!!! All the characters … you’ll laugh, you’ll cry…you’ll sing along!


Chantale Pick

Great show!!!! GReat performance!!!!

A must see.


Linda Pardes Friedburg

Okay you tremendous women you –

I’ll start from the end – during “ani maamin,” i completely felt what Toby said afterwards about the female energy in the room.
I was actually looking at each one of you, since i know so many of your stories, thinking what incredible gvura fills this stage, and the women in this audience too,. and we’re all here. And that was basically my feeling about the show – it was funky and smart, not sentimental. Moving, brilliant. There were very powerful scenes (like Messages, wow and Gayle your piano-playing made the show sooo classy) and i just felt that you had all kind of come of age.
I loved the many kids, I loved the costumes, i loved everyone totally being into their characters and scenes. The dancing was so clean, the harmonies were moving and strong and seamless
yishar kochachen!

Linda (Galya Dina, Perla and Mekimi – 3 out of 4 RYS veterans by acting or by birth)

Zehava Englard

I can’t tell you all enough how much joy I had watching each and everyone of you on stage! I didn’t want the show to end! You all were FABULOUS from start to finish! I cried, I laughed, I felt every bit of your energy and basked in the vast array of your individual and collective talent. I was bouncing in my seat from the music, and of course I must also mention the costumes…. Sooooooo cool!

The show was pure MAGIC! You all made it seem so effortless, yet I know fully well what tremendous sacrifice went into your impeccable performance! You are all my heroes.

As a veteran of JUDGE, I felt like I was back at home again and it felt DARN good! (Toby, I cleaned up this last phrase just for you. :) )

Kol HaKavod to all of you!

And Toby, your belly dancing was….
wait for it….

Rebbeca Kowalsky

Every year, when photographing the shows i am moved and awestruck with the beauty, the talent, and the depth of the productions. This year was no exception. However, this year i was blown away extra. I really couldn’t imagine how the “Revival” was going to be. Would it be a nice second version of something that was wonderful? No, it was not that at all. It was a brilliant, creative, meaningful, and talent-filled creation.

I have been to a few dress rehearsals and a few shows, and i just want to come back and see all of you again and again ( and i hope to!).

My gratitude to each and every one of you for all the time and effort – heart and soul you put into this.

Chantale Pick

Great show!!!! GReat performance!!!!
A must see.

Barbara Sofer

I was so caught up in my hospital drama that I neglected to publicly thank Toby Klein Greenwald and the Raise Your Spirits movement for them honoring me at the wonderful…Esther and the Secrets of the King’s Court show. I went from Esther to Hadassah–a fitting transition. Make sure you see this production. I hope to catch up on the second act when it is in Jerusalem and I can hear all the dialogue. Frankly, King Achashverosh must have had a hard time deciding among so many talented beauties!


jeri turkel

I enjoyed the show tremendously. The voices were great. Toby did a great job writing updated music and text to the history. Everyone on our bus enjoyed your show. You worked hard and it showed. Kol Hakavod. Jeri


Jocelyn Odenheimer

I loved it! It was deep and thought-provoking and fun and light-hearted at the same time! The choreography was terrific – just such fun to watch. I was laughing and whooping and clapping all evening. Thank you for the wonderful time.


Zahava Teitelbaum

Don’t buy a ticket to Judge!

That is –don’t buy just one!
Buy two, three or more and take some women/girls you love!
I did that last night, and it was just amazing to see so many talented women (and little girls) right here from the Gush!
The songs were a perfect mix of comedic and inspiring.
I did not get paid for this, and I don’t have a child or grandchild in the play.
I would just hate for people to miss this wonderful show.


Rochel Krantman

Saw the performance TWICE – on opening night with my daughters and again with the Rehovot group. So inspiring, so well done, so gratifying to know that we have such talent in our midst. The singing, the dancing, the acting, the music, the lyrics – WOW. I’m proud to be the Mom of your awesome choreographer Sara Orenstein and an admirer of her good friend and classmate since childhood – the very accomplished Avital Macales!

Bryna Aster


What’s a URL address? I was laughing through my tears as I viewed JUDGE!!! Avital Macales has a large round sweet
voice. Her stage presence is unusual for someone of such
tender years. Zahava Englard gives a stellar performance
as the Iron Maiden. Ethel Merman move over!

The lyrics were clever but never cutesy! I plan on going again if I can get a ticket. In the zechus of the RYS’s
performance may G-d bring MOSHIACH

Rivka Talmor

Truly uplifting. It was a wonderful experience. Keep up the good work.


Zohar Mendelson

I have had the honor to be involved behind the scenes of 6 RYS shows. It is commendable how much “blood, sweat & tears” go into each and every show, each and every performance. Ko Lechai, ladies! ‘Alu Vehatzlichu! Tizku Lemitzvot!
Zohar (a.k.a. make-up captain)

Naomi Rachel Bakush

i had an amazing experience coming to the first performance and i’m deeply grateful to my mother, tsipora kolet for giving me the chance to get out of my shigra and see something that really and truthfully raised my spirits! it’s been a few weeks and i’m still humming the songs! thanks to you all, you’re wonderful and i’m actually quite envious, i wish hashem will give me such a great opportunity! all the best and good luck with all of your shows!!!! :!clap: :!clap: :!inlove: :!kiss: :!music:

Elana Singer

My daughter and I had a wonderful time! Thanks for another inspiring production!

Shifrah (Shiffy) Adler

So far I have been to all of your shows & Dames of the Dance. You are all terrific. Yishar Koach & keep up the good work. I’m already looking forward to your next production.

esther adler

i treat all the adult females in our immediate family to attend whenever a new show comes out. we had a GREAT time last night as usual. thanks to ALL invovled. esther adler

Michele Wechsler

It is my honor to help with the makeup for this show. It is absolutely incredible and I could watch it over and over and love it more every time. So proud of you Zahava. We love you
Michele Wechsler and kids.