Rebecca! Mother of Two Dynasties

 “תיאטרון רוממות גאה להציג את המחזמר “רבקה – אם שתי ממלכות BUY VIDEO Written by: Toby Klein Greenwald & Tamar Kamins כתיבה: טובי קליין גרינולד ותמר קמינס Music and Arrangements by Mitch Clyman With some melodies by Tamar Kamins הלחנה ועיבוד מוזיקאלי: מיטש קליימן עם כמה מנגינות ע”י תמר Text based on Genesis Chapters 22-33 מבוסס על קטעים מתוך בראשית פרקים […]

שופטת! שירת דבורה

תיאטרון רוממות גאה להציג את המחזמר שופטת! שירת דבורה הזמנת כרטיסים למחזמר שופטת! שירת דבורה  –  לנשים בלבד שחקנים הפקה במאית: רחל קשת מנהלת מוזיקלית: אלישבע נעמי סביר מפיקה: טובי קליין גרינולד כתיבה: טובי קליין גרינולד ויעל וליאר הלחנה ועיבוד מוזיקלי: מיט’ש קליימן  מנהלת כספים ויו”ר העמותה: תמר רובין תודה למתנ”ס אפרת, למכללת אמונה ולאמונה ירושלים […]

RUTH AND NAOMI in the Fields of Bethlehem – Revival

Famine in the land. Greed and jealousy. Desperation and desertion. Brother against brother. One leader leaves to save his family. The other stays to save his people. Tragedy strikes the once-prosperous family that has abandoned its people. Two widows in rags, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, return home to build a new life. They find faith, love, […]


SISTERS! The Daughters of Tzelofchad, is the story of five loving sisters, described by the sages as being righteous, wise and knowing how to seek out the hidden meanings in the Torah. Their father dies in the desert and they discover that the family inheritance would pass to his brothers, as he died leaving no […]


A world of idol worship, cruelty, human sacrifice. A world of falsity and frightening superstition. A world saved by the goodness and beliefs of one man – Avraham. Together with his life’s partner, Sara, Avraham introduced thoughts that shook the foundation of mankind – only One G-d ruled the universe, and He desired a world […]

Esther the RevivalJUDGE! SONG OF DEVORAjudge

Devora (Deborah) was a charismatic, inspiring prophetess, judge, poetess and military leader and strategist who lived in approximately 1200 BCE, at the beginning of the Iron Age. Her story is told in the book of Shoftim (Judges), chapters 4-5. Chapter 4 is the prose description of what ensued during her reign, and Chapter 5, commonly […]


In Search of Courage is a dramatized musical revue about Michal, a young woman who comes to Israel for a year to study, survives a terror attack, and is cared for by a social worker who takes her back in time to meet great biblical figures who each coped with their own conflicts and challenges, […]

Ruth & Naomi in the Fields of BethlehemNOAH! Ride the Wave

No story in the world has captivated the imagination of man as much as that of Noah and his miraculous Ark. When evil ruled, and G-d had His fill of corruption, He wiped the slate clean, killing all living things, except one man and his family. They were chosen to begin the entire world again, […]