Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

The Story

As indicated by its name, the Raise Your Spirits had one goal in mind in 2001 – to stand together in the face of Arab terror, not fall prey to fear, and raise the morale of women everywhere.
It was a project that forced them to concentrate on something other than the latest horrifying news report. And the result of their combined efforts was the Raise Your Spirits Summer Stock Company production of “JOSEPH and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat”
by Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber.

The women-for-women production was a phenomenal success – lifting the spirits of the 130 women and girls involved in the production as well as 6,000 women from throughout the country who attended performances that stretched until the following Passover. It also raised close to $30,000 (150,000 NIS) for charity – earmarked for families who had become victims of Arab terror.

The women spent the entire summer rehearsing and supporting one another through terrible times – most notably the suicide bombing at Sbarro’s pizzeria in Jerusalem.

Bus loads of women came to Gush Etzion from Jerusalem, Bet El, Chashmonaim, Bet Shemesh, Gush Katif, Haifa, Raanana, Chevron and other areas, and the show was acclaimed by former-Minister Naomi Blumenthal and Knesset Member Yael Dayan. The cast also performed excerpts of the show at the Knesset in a command performance for the Knesset Women’s Caucus, and were featured in Israel’s major newspapers, on radio, on a popular children’s television program and on the International Bible Competition.

“JOSEPH” was an unparalleled success because of its positive message. The production gave strength to the women of Israel, encouraging them to continue believing in a bright future for the Jewish people and the fact that “the children of Israel are never alone.”

“JOSEPH” was produced by Sharon Katz, who is the Founder of Raise Your Spirits. It was directed by Toby Klein Greenwald and choreographed by Arlene Chertoff.