Sisters! The Daughters of Tzelofchad

SISTERS! The Daughters of Tzelofchad, is the story of five loving sisters, described by the sages as being righteous, wise and knowing how to seek out the hidden meanings in the Torah. Their father dies in the desert and they discover that the family inheritance would pass to his brothers, as he died leaving no sons, only daughters. They courageously approach Moses and his court to ask for their father’s portion in the land of Israel. They want their father’s name to be remembered and they have a great love for the promised land, even though they have not yet seen it. G-d Himself declares them correct and a new law is written. The Daughters of Tzelofchad are role models for our time of family love and of the power and empowerment of women.

Written and Directed by Toby Klein Greenwald

Music by Mitch Clyman:

Photos: Laura Ben-David



Adult Sisters


Ariella Ganz


Grace Chana Woolf


Rivka Adina Kanush/

Avigayil Scharf


Chavi Eisenberg


Chaya Lapidot

Young Sisters


Maayan Kronenberg


Shira Moore


Zoey Bowman


Tselya Kwalbrun


Haleli Lawrence


Shifra Penkower

Achla, his wife

Rachel Moore


Aviva Karpel


Tammy Rubin

Elazar HaCohen

Deena Lawi

Midrashic Minstrels

Bracha Daniel

Neriyah Duval

Psukim singers

Bryna Ozarowski, Deena Lawi

Shifra Penkower




Sarah Landman


Dalia Hacohen Oriah


Esty Holland


Meira Golbert

Men of Menashe

Varda Epstein

Heather Gelb

Elana Kronenberg

Avital Weinberger

Rachel Yaari


Michal Moore


Osnat Myers

Moshe’s Captains

Netta de Vriend

Karen Eisenberg

Varda Epstein

Heather Gelb

Rayla Gottleib

Elana Kronenberg

Amy Shuter

Avital Weinberger

Rachel Yaari

Women of the Desert

(In some scenes men of the desert play women and vice versa)

Debbie Abelow

Shira Daniel

Tamar Kamins

Rivka Morowitz

Dalia Hacohen Oriah

Bryna Ozarowski

Efrat Denn


Men of the Desert

Elana Kronenberg

Heather Gelb

Avital Weinberger

Netta de Vriend

Karen Eisenberg

Amy Shuter

Eudice Spitz

Rachel Ya’ari

Young desert ensemble

(Singers, dancers, spies,

manna, etc.)

Yael Arnon

Hodaya Broder

Maya Faverman

Avital Fisher

Rayla Gottleib

Adina Kronenberg

Estair Kwalbrun

Teena Lapid-Kor

Adiel Lieberman

Gila Mandel

Osnat Myers

Roni Ostroff

Noa Pessin

Maayan Shochat

Eliana Shuter

Miri Shuter

Moriah Snowbell

Avigayil Steinhart

Shira Tanzer

Adira Zlotnick



Toby Klein Greenwald


Eudice Spitz, Tamar Rubin

Music Directors                      

Dalia Hacohen Oriah

Aviva Karpel

Assistant Music Director

Grace Chana Woolf

Lead Choreographer

Sara Orenstein

Additional Choreographers

Mayrav Blendis (“We Prepare”)

Adiel Lieberman (“Census”)

Noa Pessin (“Census”)

Contributing choreographers:

Liora Loichter, Adi Amram, Raquella Raiz

Business Manager

Tammy Rubin

Stage Manager

Yael Abramowitz
Backstage helpers

Valerie Pessin, Cindy Ratzersdorfer

Costume Coordinator

Yael Abramowitz

Costume Helpers

Tamar Kamins, Eudice Spitz,

Cindy Ratzersdorfer, Michal Moore, Toby Klein Greenwald,

Adena Mark

Michal Steinhart

Graphic Design for costume

props and DVD

Costume seamstresses

Rivka Morowitz, Caryn Orbach

Flag seamstress

Adina Sharf

Desert Backdrop

Syma Davidovitch, Chaykee Mor


Michal Moore, Noa Tanzer, Toby

Make-Up Captain

Zohar Mendelson

Make-up Crew

Tamar Arnon, Meital Bowman, Nina Devere, Elana Goldscheider, Sima Herzfeld-Navon, Shira Polon, Sandra Orman, Tiferet Sarid

Microphone Captain

Karen Eisenberg

Sound & Light Captain

Yisrael Shok

Sound & Light Crew

Adam Gozlan, Yair Feldman

Hebrew Surtitles Translator

Michal Yechieli Coppenhagen

Projection of Surtitles

Michal Yechieli Coppenhagen & Yael Valier

Design of SISTERS Logo

Noa Greenwald-Assis

Design of poster, newspaper ads,

playbill cover

Sharon Katz


Dfus Etzion



Tania Cohen, Sara Cohen, Varda Epstein, Eudice Spitz, Toby Klein Greenwald, Shira Shreier

Playbill translation

Tamar Arnon


Grace Chana Woolf, Esty Holland,

Rebecca Kowalsky, Laura Ben David

Crowd-funding director

Ayelet Myers

Crowd-funding team

Varda Epstein, Rachel Moore,

Eudice Spitz, Tamar Rubin,

Toby Klein Greenwald,

Natan Epstein (Crowd-

Funding Video)


Elichai Rubin


Chaim Snow

Additional video editor

David Cohen

Ticket Captains

Shelly Tannenbaum

Joan Slabiak

Usher Captain

Amy Shuter

General Helper

Bella Hyman

Bus Captain

Hadasa Lapidot


Board members: Adv. Tamar Rubin (Chairwoman), Felicity Aziz, Toby Klein Greenwald (Artistic & Founding Director), Sharon Katz (Founder), Ruth Lieberman, Eudice Spitz.

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