In the month of Adar (February, 2019) Raise Your Spirits Theatre

will bring the empowerment of Jewish women

to the stage through the story of

JUDGE! Song of Deborah

Photo from 2010 performance, by Rebecca Kowalsky.

Until now, the incredible impact of Raise Your Spirits productions was limited to English-speakers.

This year, for the first time ever, we are answering the call of Hebrew-speaking women, and will be performing JUDGE! in Hebrew. Our cast includes native Hebrew speakers, native English speakers, and young women who were born here and who grew up in English speaking homes. We see this as a critical bridge-builder between native Israelis and new immigrants, the first such production of its kind in Israel.

Now, more than ever, communities are seeking women’s leadership and inspiration.

Deborah was the first female judge to preside over the community after the Jews settled in the land of Israel, leading her people to victory over cruel Canaanite oppressors.

Deborah was also a prophet, a teacher and a military leader accepted by the entire community of both men and women.



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Her battle and victory speak compellingly of the need for Jewish unity in order to overcome adversity and challenges. The story of Deborah is a story of the power of women to be leaders in the public and private spheres while staying true to their values.

We have performed Raise Your Spirits shows in Gush Etzion, Jerusalem, Rehovot, Raanana, Kiryat Arba, Gush Katif and the Shomron.

We bring the belief and the beauty of the Torah to the stage. Deeply researched, sensitively written shows, with compelling and dramatic stories, bring Biblical heroines to life as inspirational role models for the challenges we face today, heroines such as Esther, Ruth & Naomi, Sarah and the daughters of Tzelofchad, and heroes such as Noah, Abraham and Mordecai.

We host, as our guests, family members of victims of terror and of soldiers who have fallen in the line of duty, and we perform in their honor. We host women in difficult financial straits and women in protective shelters.

We open our arms and our doors to female soldiers and officers.


We build bridges through theater. Our casts and crews include women who are modern Orthodox, Haredi and traditional. We have hosted women in our audiences from throughout Israel and the world.

We help women and girls find fulfillment. We give them a voice for their performing talents in accordance with Jewish religious law and, in some cases, support for difficult life challenges. Our casts include teens at risk, children with learning disabilities, AD(H)D,  women who are struggling, each with her own story. 

We are seeking partners to make this hope and plan a reality.

We invite you to honor the woman or women in your life, past or present, who have made a difference to you.

Women who have raised you, taught you, or encouraged you.

Women who have been role models and loving friends.



Your donation will give you the opportunity to place a greeting in a beautiful, professional playbill, highlighting the woman or women in your life who have helped you to become who you are today.

Our fundraising goal is $20,000.

This will enable us to produce the Hebrew version of JUDGE!, bringing strength and meaning to countless lives, and to continue to write and produce new shows.


The time has come to say, “Thank you.”

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Read more about the biblical Deborah here.

JUDGE! Was written by Toby Klein Greenwald, the award-winning artistic director of Raise Your Spirits Theatre, and by Yael Valier, artistic director of Theater and Theology. The musical score was composed by Mitch Clyman, who has been nominated for the Ofir Award (the Israeli ‘Oscar’) in three categories. It is being directed by Rachel Keshet, the recipient of many prestigious theater awards. Its musical director is Elisheva Naomi Savir, who has directed several award-winning choirs. 

For more information: toby@wholefamily.com