The Story

A world of idol worship, cruelty, human sacrifice. A world of falsity and frightening superstition. A world saved by the goodness and beliefs of one man – Avraham.

Together with his life’s partner, Sara, Avraham introduced thoughts that shook the foundation of mankind – only One G-d ruled the universe, and He desired a world of goodness.

Ridiculed and threatened by those around them, Avraham and Sara never stopped providing the example of kindness, caring for others, hospitality and gratitude to the Creator.

The reward for their valiant willingness to go against the crowd in order to live lives of holiness – a son, Yitzchak, who would carry on the family’s tradition of loving-kindness; descendants as numerous as the stars in the sky; and a country, Eretz Yisrael, from which a future people will grow and serve as a Light Unto the Nations of the world.

In today’s turbulent times, we find strength and guidance from Avraham and Sara, as their lives give us the spiritual DNA we need to confront the trials of life and soar like stars to the heavens.


Avraham Avital Macales

Sara Rachel Moore

Eliezer Sharon Katz

Terach Jennifer Mayer

Lot Chana Singer

Hagar Yonit Singer

Ishmael Michal Moore

Pharaoh Chaya Lapidot

Malki Tzedek Tammy Rubin

King of Sodom Varda Epstein

Avimelech Deena Lawi

Pichol Bracha Daniel

Game Show Host Rock Babel Elana Kronenberg

Game Show Hostess Erish Hili Deena Lawi


Esti Holland (Yaqarum), Bati Katz (Hurriya)

Game Show Judges

Tammy Rubin (Tahatma), Felicity Aziz (Goondy), Shifra Penkower (Soorsati)

Egyptian Border Control Officers

Meira Golbert (Officer Abassi), Eudice Spitz (Officer Nekhebet)

Hagar’s Teen Angels/Messengers Hadassah Krengel, Tsofia Safra, Yisca Selinger, Chana Leah Silverberg’s

Avraham’s Angels Bracha Daniel, Racheli Ettinger, Chaya Lapidot

Nations / Lot’s Shepherds

Felicity Aziz, Zohar Bowman, Netta de Vriend, Karen Eisenberg, Varda Epstein, Racheli Ettinger, Meira Golbert, Alizah Hochstead, Bati Katz, Tzela Kawlbrun, Esther Kwalbrun, Hadassah Lapidot, Jennifer Mayer, Rachel Meir, Aliza Oshin, Shifra Penkower, Tammy Rubin, Tsofia Safra, Chana Leah Silverberg, Yonit Singer, Rinat Snowbell, Eudice Spitz

Souls Made in Charan / Avram’s Shepherds

Fayge Bedell (Kitra), Noa Choritz (Saad), Zahava Greenberg (Rachim), Dahlia Jacobs(Nahara), Debbie Abelow, Hadara Choritz, Bracha Daniel, Maayan Farkas, Ilana Greenberg, Miryam Heiliczer, Esti Holland, Bella Hyman, Tamar Kamins, Miriam Kaszovitz, Nava Kramer, Hadassah Krengel, Elana Kronenberg, Adina Kronenberg, Sarah Landman, Te’ena Lapid, Chaya Lapidot, Deena Lawi, Adiel Lieberman, Michal Moore, Ayelet Myers, Bryna Ozarowski, Nitzan Peri, Noa Pessin, Lessa Roskin, Yisca Selinger, Jenny Solomon

Dancers Merav Blendis, Renana Ron, Sara Sherman

VOGA (Voices of G-d’s Angels)

Ilana Berman, Shir Katz, Maayan Kronenberg, Miriam Segal-Mayer, Rivka Segal, Shira Moore, Sima Solomon

Written and composed by Sharon Katz and Avital Macales

Music arranged by Amit Ben Attar

Toby Klein Greenwald

Sharon Katz & Noa Choritz

Musical Director
Gayle Berman

Sara Orenstein

Costume Director
Yonit Singer

Scenery Director
Adena Mark

Vocal Arrangements
Gayle Berman & Ellen Macales

Hebrew Translation
Michal Yehieli Copenhagen

Shelly Tannenbaum (chairwoman)
Joan Slabiak

Buses and Groups
Hadassa Lapidot

Stage Manager


Make Up

Sound and Lights


Design of Logo
Chana Singer

Design of Poster