The Story

In Search of Courage is a dramatized musical revue about Michal, a young woman who comes to Israel for a year to study, survives a terror attack, and is cared for by a social worker who takes her back in time to meet great biblical figures who each coped with their own conflicts and challenges, and who survived through faith, ingenuity and courage.

Michal meets heroic characters from previous Raise Your Spirits plays –Joseph, Esther, Noah, Ruth & Naomi.

They sing the songs that put Raise Your Spirits on the map, together with new monologues and dialogues, written by Toby Klein Greenwald and Yael Valier, that delve even deeper into the souls of the men and women who are still our role models today.

In Search of Courage was performed in Gush Etzion, and in Jerusalem, for a thousand young women in the MASA program.

A film was created that is available for viewing in your community.

For information contact Toby at: or 0523-822104.

Producer/Director and Project Concept:
Toby Klein Greenwald (co-author)

Asst. Producer/Director:
Yael Valier Goldstein (co-author)Composer/Arranger: Mitch Clyman
Musical Director: Elisheva Savir
Soloist Director: Shaina Ettel Menda
Production Assistant: Avital Macales


  • Jocelyn Odenheimer
  • Sara Orenstein
  • Tamara Spitz

Videographer and Stage Manager: Bati Katz
Asst. Stage Manager: Bracha Daniel
Cheerleader, Video Editor and Founder of RYS: Sharon Katz

The lyrics to Esther and the Secrets in the King’s Court, Noah! Ride the Wave! and Ruth & Naomi in the Fields of Bethlehem were written by Arlene Chertoff, Toby Klein Greenwald and Sharon Katz.

The lyrics to Devora were written by Yael Goldstein and Toby Klein Greenwald

The music to Esther was written by Rivka Epstein Hattin

The music to Noah, Ruth & Naomi, and Devora was written and arranged by Mitch Clyman