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Raise Your Spirits – 13 Years of RAISING SPIRITS!!!

On December 3, IY”H, Raise Your Spirits Theatre takes the stage with “COUNT THE STARS – The Journey of Avraham and Sara”. More than 70 women of every age join to tell the eternal story of our first patriarch and first matriarch. We experience their trials and their challenges, and witness the attributes that made them two of the greatest people alive. Through music and dance, tears and joy, laughter and drama, we enter the world of Avraham and Sara who personify the destiny of the Jewish people, and whose examples have embued us with strength through the millennia to face hardship and ordeals, and yet survive as a nation.

In 2001, amidst an atmosphere of grief and terror, a group of women in Gush Etzion joined together to the raise spirits of their community and all of Israel.
Rather than succumb to the depression caused by daily terror attacks, they decided to start a project that would give them a positive outlet and something wonderful to look forward to. They decided to put on a show. The rest, as they say, is history. Read more about who we are